Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

Monoquant provides the following services for external samples:

  1. Isolation and sequencing of the BCR-ABL breakpoint.
  2. Provision of primer pairs which enable quantification of MRD.
  3. Quantification of MRD.

Isolation and sequencing of the BCR-ABL breakpoint

For samples from Australia, EDTA blood or marrow is preferred, as quality control is optimal. For samples from overseas, dried-down extracted DNA is preferred. It is usually possible to isolate and sequence the breakpoint using DNA extracted from blood or bone marrow smears on slides, but this is not always the case owing to DNA degradation. For this reason, two slides should be sent.

The charges for determination of BCR-ABL sequences are:

1 sequence A$200
2-3 sequences A$160 per sequence
4-5 sequences A$140 per sequence
6-10 sequences A$120 per sequence
> 10 sequences A$110 per sequence

This charge includes the charge for confirmation of the sequence by amplifying across it.

Provision of primer pairs for quantification of MRD

Monoquant has developed a library of BCR and ABL primers which have been pretested for amplification efficiency and absence of non-specific amplification. The charge for one primer pair plus sufficient probe for 50 reactions is A$100. If two primer pairs are required in order to perform nested PCR for quantification of MRD below 10-4, then the charge for 2 primer pairs and probe is A$150.

Quantification of MRD

If quantification is desired, please contact Professor Alec Morley at US samples can be sent directly to Invivoscribe but prior liaison with Professor Morley is advised.

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