Monoquant is an Adelaide company which aims to commercialise intellectual property developed by the Minimal Residual Disease Group led by Professor Alec Morley and based at Flinders University. Commercialisation is by way of provision of products and services, and by licensing of intellectual property in the general area of molecular diagnostics.

Areas of research and provision of services and products include:

  • Isolation of molecular markers and quantification of minimal residual disease in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) and other lymphoid neoplasms.
  • Isolation of translocation breakpoints and DNA-based quantification of minimal residual disease in chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) and acute promyelocytic leukaemia (APML).
  • Primers for gene-walking using sequential hybrid-primer PCR.
  • Antisense PCR.
  • Quantification of RNA integrity

Scientific collaboration involves groups around Australia, and commercial collaboration involves companies in the United States. In December 2010, Monoquant licensed its intellectual property in the field of haematopathology to Invivoscribe.There is a long-standing collaboration between Monoquant, Professor Morley and Invivoscribe.

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