Intellectual Property

The following items of intellectual property have either been assigned to Monoquant, or Monoquant holds an exclusive world-wide licence to them. Monoquant has, in turn, granted to Invivoscribe an exclusive world-wide licence to use of its IP in the field of haematopathology.

  1. US patent 7785783 “A method of analyzing a marker nucleic acid molecule” issued 31/8/2010
    Indian patent 243620 “Identification of clonal cells by repeats in (Eg.) T-cell receptor V/D/J genes” issued 28/10/2010.
    Also licensed in India, China, Mexico.
    Other applications pending.
  2. “A method for DNA breakpoint analysis”.
    Applications pending.
  3. “A method of DNA amplification”.
    Applications pending.
  4. “A method of nucleic acid amplification”.
    Applications pending.
  5. “A method of regulating oligonucleotide functionality”.
    Applications pending.
  6. “A method of determining RNA integrity.

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